Minutes and Annual Report

Annual Report

February 26, 2015


To the Members of the St. Anthony West Neighborhood Organization (STAWNO):


The St. Anthony West neighborhood continues to be one of the most desirable places to live in the city of Minneapolis. This is true because of the great community we have built and the hard work of all the dedicated residents. Here are a few highlights from the past year:


Small Area Plan

The Board has begun working on a Small Area Plan for this neighborhood. This document is meant to summarize what we as community want to see in our neighborhood. Topics addressed can include density, green space, etc. We are at the beginning stages and will need your involvement to shape this important document!


Emerald Ash Boulevard Tree Preservation

Last winter, a significant amount of infested Ash Trees were removed from a two block section of NE 2nd St. Several STAWNO Board members used this event to look for solutions to the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) problem. The Board approved the creation of the EAB Task Force and $20,000 in funding, and the Task Force went to work. In the end, STAWNO funds paid to save 125 trees and GRACO and Elsie’s paid for another 35. Additionally, the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood used this Task Force’s work as a blueprint to save 90 more trees!


Dickman Summer Park Program/Playground Replacement

It has always been this Board’s commitment to make Dickman Park a safe and inviting park. This continues to be important as the number of kids grows in our neighborhood. Last summer, STAWNO sponsored a 4 day a week kid’s summer program where kids could do arts/crafts, make new friends, and go on great field trips like Elsie’s bowling, MIA, Mill City Museum, Twins game and more. STAWNO also sponsored several evening events to build community including a BBQ, movie night, puppet show and music in the park. These events were well attended and increased the utilization of Dickman Park!

The Dickman Park playground was old and tired. Fortunately, it received a complete makeover this summer and from the number of kids using it (in the Fall), I think it was a big improvement!


11th Annual Historic Riverfront 5K

To be able to pay for the many things we sponsor such as the Dickman Summer Park Program, we need to have a successful fundraiser. This year marked the 11th running of the Historic Riverfront 5K along the river. We raised almost $7,000!


The success of the new Board of Directors elected tonight is predicated on cooperation, positive attitudes, hardworking members and broad volunteer participation from St. Anthony West’s residents, property owners, and businesses. To learn more about any of the above programs or to learn how to get involved, please contact our office at neighbors@stawno.org or 612-378-8886.





Peter Gamades

St. Anthony West Neighborhood Organization, Chair

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