St. Anthony West Area Parks

So many parks! Nestled on the banks of the great Mississippi River, the Saint Anthony West neighborhood is home to 5 parks with planning underway for a 6th park. STAWNO is serious about its stewardship of the parks and actively partners with the community, other non-profits, and area governments so these public spaces continue to meet the changing needs of diverse populations.


Check-out recent park changes promoted by STAWNO:

  • Pickleball courts at Dickman Park. STAWNO is excited 2 pickleball courts will be built at Dickman Park in the spring of 2022 by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. Along with adding the new courts, upgrades are planned for the trails, basketball court, picnic tables, and grills.
  • Advocate for accessibility. STAWNO successfully advocated the Park Board to expand barrier-free choices at Dickman Park as part of the 2022 project. We’re proud to help make a visit to the park enjoyable for everyone.
  • Memorial to Survivors of Sexual Violence. STAWNO was an early supporter of the Memorial and provided financial backing and worked with the Park Board on selection of Boom Island Park as home for the Memorial.

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