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We’re Saving Ash Trees

tree-huggingUnfortunately, emerald ash borer’s arrived. The Park Board will be cutting down all ash trees on boulevards over the next eight years. But as a neighborhood organization, we are proud to be extending the life of ash trees and our tree canopy. We have decided to use some of our own neighborhood funds to protect and extend the life of about 20% of these trees. The trees will be protected for at least two years. That will buy us a little more time to try to further save the trees or let the newly-planted replacement trees get a head start on their growth.

In mid-May, several STAWNO board members and volunteers hung blue ribbons on trees selected by the arborists. Those trees will be treated. Treatment is 100% effective; not harmful to birds, animals, or bees; and does not contaminate groundwater. The arborists have been approved by the Minneapolis Park Board..

STAWNO board members have had several open meetings with the neighborhood and the Minneapolis Park Board. The Park Board’s very excited about our multifaceted plan for treating and reforesting our urban canopy and we’ve become a role model to other neighborhood organizations. As a group, we believe our urban tree canopy is a valuable assert worthy of preserving.


  • Help make sure ribbons stay on trees.
  • Decide if you want to save any trees on your own property or on the boulevard.
  • Volunteer to have an unmarked ash tree on your boulevard removed now. You might even be able to pick your replacement tree. Visit www.minneapolisparks.org/eab
  • Water replacement trees so they grow faster.




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