Riverfront Parks Committee

committee_badges(riverfront-parks)The Riverfront Parks (formerly B.F. Nelson) Committee shall work to assist in raising funding, promote creative uses of the land, and seek to maintain the parks for future generations.

The Riverfront Parks Committee strives to make the lives of our neighbors better by ensuring there are vibrant parks in our neighborhood that respect the river, the environment, and the history of the area while having amenities that aid in the enjoyment and encourage use of the parks. Objectives of the committee include partnering with organizations involved with the development and improvement of our riverfront parks. Interested in being involved and informed about the developments of our riverfront parks? Join us on Mondays at 6:30 at in the basement of the Main Street Lodge the week of the main STAWNO board meeting.

The Riverfront Parks Committee for 2014-2015 is:

  • Chris Linde
  • Diane Hofstede
  • Michael Rainville
  • Alisa Mulhair
  • Dan Brady
  • John Sticha
  • Suzanne Begin