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Welcome to the Saint Anthony West

Neighborhood Organization (STAWNO)

Welcome, Bienvenido, Soo Dhaweyn

Zoom Meetings During Covid 19 Pandemic. STAWNO has moved to virtual meetings on Zoom as we deal with the social distancing required during the pandemic. It is easy to attend; just following the link in the eblast and you can be part of the community discussion right from your living room!

We also have paused planning for the summer festival at Dickman Park and the 5K Run/Walk fundraiser while we check out options for holding these events in this time of social distancing. Watch the eblasts for event announcements.

Eblasts, Best Way to Stay Connected. Eblasts are the best way to stay connected and keep informed on events and announcements here in the Saint Anthony West neighborhood. We publish eblasts at least twice a month. If you currently are not receiving eblasts, please go to sign-up to enroll.

Support Fundraiser Sponsors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, please support the sponsors of STAWNO's Historic Riverfront 5K Run/Walk fundraiser who have generously been there for our neighborhood.

Stay Safe and Stay Tuned. This is a most difficult springtime with the hardships and uncertainties of the pandemic. We encourage you to take a stroll or bikeride through the community, visit one of our neighborhood parks (Dickman, Sibley, and Washington), or take in the river sites at BF Nelson and Boom Island regional parks. And, stay safe.

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Our ongoing goal is to communicate news and activities and to invite you and your neighbors to participate in the community organization.